E.L. Guerrero fumbles with memory, materiality, experience, and nostalgia.

I work with the interdimensionality of identity, its cartographies and topologies within the physical and the virtual, and how we are shaped by our geographical, mental, and cultural migrations. Getting lost, and being found. In my own circumnavigation of my identity, I find that my destination is where I started from, and that is where I begin.

I look towards alternative networks to access different facets of human experience, exploring the intersection of Filipino identity with technology and art that is centered around care. I go through the cycle of coming from and returning to the land to create something new and familiar.

I am currently based in the traditional territory of Tkaronto in Turtle Island. My land acknowledgement.

Say hi at [email protected] (PGP, if preferred). I can be found at the usual places as either @knights or @thinkbulecount2.

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