Pixel art of a hoya kerrii plant in a brown pot.

About This Website

This is a hand-coded low carbon footprint website hosted at Gitea (mirrored at GitLab) and served via Digital Ocean over Tkaronto territory.

This is v. 2.0 of The Great Wave. Version 1.0 was a single-page HTML document that was navigable by jumping through anchor links throughout the page and/or scrolling up and down. This iteration was split up into separate pages and sections to accommodate longer forms of content. Currently, everything is being done manually until it hurts.

This website is not fully accessible.

Changelog for a list of recent updates.

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Pixel art (based on my own houseplants that have since passed) by Snow Gomez.
Portrait in about page by Koalanov.


Canela Deck by Commercial Type.
Untitled Sans by Klim Type Foundry.


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