Pixel art of a Japanese juniper plant in a blue pot.


  • Waiting For the Enemy
    Passages from my lolo’s memoirs on defending Bataan during the second World War.
  • (Even) Smaller Seasons
    A daily calendar of Japan’s 72 microseasons based on the Small Seasons guide, with pixel art by Snow Gomez.
  • State of The 30
    Markov chains of speeches by D30 using RiTa.js natural language processor.


    Interactive webzine co-developed with Czyka Tumaliuan to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines.
  • All Girls
    Split zine with Keet Geniza on queer identity and culture growing up in all-girl Catholic schools in the Philippines.
  • Living (Un)machines
    Split zine with Amy Zhou exploring and decolonising the Asian body as both metaphorical and literal machines.


  • MakaWalangHiya Distro
    Diasporic zine distro with Keet Geniza that aims to share, promote, distribute, and disseminate independently produced Filipino creations to the wider world.
  • Sibika & Kultura
    Translated as Civics & Culture, an upcoming creative studio collective with Althea Balmes centered around decolonial and Filipino Indigenous teachings.


  • Hello Navi
    Codex of personal web projects.
  • 8hr Work Day
    HTML journal and blog.
  • knights.sh
    Memex in progress.
  • Pataphysics Club
    Experiments that may or may not make sense.