Pixel art of a dischidia ruscifolia plant in a red-brown pot.


  • Thank You, Garden Berlin, 2022
    Handcrafting a communal digital garden with fellow P2P Distributed Web of Care resident, Nami Kim.
  • Parallel Play: Twine for Soft Subversions New York, 2022
    Kwago presenting at Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair, and introducing Twine as a tool for activism, nonlinear storytelling, and guerilla publishing.
  • Play Over Paranoia: Cybersecurity and Data Bodies Toronto, 2020
    LANE Digital on demystifying cybersecurity concepts, mapping our own data traces, and using Touch Designer to practise creative dissent with our ongoing datafication.



  • P2P Distributed Web of Care Remote, 2022
    Collaboratively imagining the future of the internet outside a technocratic, capitalist environment.