The first slide of the presentation with the title of the workshop, logos of Printed Matter and Kwago, and the respective dates and timezones of the live workshop.

Parallel Play: Twine for Soft Subversions

Printed Matter’s Art Book Fair, New York, 2022

The MONOPOLYO webzine was in response to the call to Manila-based publishing collective, Kwago, as the Volume Grant recipient of Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair. Members were unable to travel to the fair, and this alternatively resulted in an online zine-making workshop, to talk about the non-profit organisation, their social practice, and the political milieu in the Philippines that gave cause to the creation of the zine.

Slide showing photographs of the physical space that Kwago inhabits. Slide showing a couple of Kwago‘s projects, such as a zine with AGHAM about science and technology during Martial Law.

The second half of the event was a short discussion on zines in the context of the web, and a very condensed introduction to Twine as a tool for creating interactive, nonlinear narratives that can be self-published on the web.

Slide with the text “How can a zine look like on the web?” with two images of hypertext in paper form, taken from Dan Collier’s website on typographic links. Slide with the text “An example: MONOPOLYO” and screenshots of a browser demonstrating Twine as used by the MONOPOLYO zine.

The workshop was streamed and recorded and can be watched at Printed Matter’s YouTube channel. MONOPOLYO can be played via browser at Kwago or The dice is also downloadable as a PDF.

The Twine Official Reference Guide
The Twine Cookbook, examples of uses and extendabilities of Twine
Interactive fiction stories built with Twine games and other releases tagged with Twine and zine
Dan Collier’s Typographic Links
Zach Mandeville’s webzine

About Kwago
Kwago, owl in English, is a non-profit cultural organisation and publishing laboratory based in Manila. They are focused on developing publications, projects, and programs to address issues in knowledge (in)accessibility, protect narratives, and nurture critical thinking and continuous collaboration and learning from one another. They hold spaces centered around free speech, transdisciplinary speculation, and collective reimagining of authorship and access.

Czyka Tumaliuan is a writer, researcher, cultural worker, and founder of Kwago.
Floyd Scott Tioganco is a queer activist, writer, and artist. They are a member of Dakila, a human rights NGO pushing for social change through creative forms of resistance.