The title of the workshop: Play over Paranoia, cyber security and data bodies. To its right is a group of points or nodes connected by lines.

Play Over Paranoia: Cybersecurity and Data Bodies

Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, 2020

An interactive workshop as LANE Digital held through Xpace Cultural Centre, aimed at demystifying cybersecurity concepts, navigating the impacts of datafication and Big Data: how information about us are constantly being collected, stored, used, and shared by governments and corporations; our “data bodies”. With added elements of playfulness through a guided activity, we mapped how many data traces we interact with on a daily basis, and used Touch Designer to turn that information into a generative art video.

Our hope is to empower individual agency through access to education, and collaborate in finding possibilities of creative dissent through our relationship to art, technology, and our daily digital experiences.

Zine of techno jargon, information about Touch Designer, and links and resources shared or mentioned during the discussion

About LANE Digital
LANE Digital is an interdisciplinary studio composed of Ladan Siad, Aljumaine Gayle, Nabil Vega, and E.L. Guerrero.

We are a group of QTBPOC curious creators who are passionate about design, building human-centered, community-focused concepts that lead to a more just and equitable future. Our work is rooted in Black, queer, anti-capitalist, diasporic, feminist methodology, and pedagogy. We co-create with the communities we are a part of, focusing on unearthing and unsettling, working together to conceptualise new ways of listening, seeing, feeling, and understanding social issues through design.