A screenshot of the Thank You, Garden, illustration elements of green grass, a small blue pond in the middle with a single lily pad, surrounded by flower boxes, two red mailboxes on the left and right, and a small brown sign that says “Thank You, Garden”.

Thank You, Garden

C/O Digital, Berlin, 2022

To wrap up the P2P Distributed Web of Care Residency, resident Nami Kim and I facilitated an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript workshop at the C/O Digital Festival in Berlin.

A close up of a group of people sitting on either side of a table with a projected screen of Thank You, Garden onto the wall.

Thank You, Garden is a collaborative webzine in the form of a digital community garden inspired by the warm, collective space held for us by our hosts, Taeyoon Choi and Barbara Cueto, and fellow P2P residents.

Featuring Thank You letters to each other, and projects of the hosts, residents, and participants of the workshop, the idea was to create a collective, handcrafted webpage with our manifestation of a more caring, intimate internet. The workshop’s title is taken from the children’s book of the same name by Liz Garton Scanlon that celebrates the act of growing and cultivating gardens as a community.

A group of people sitting at the table with a projection of the Zoom call for those joining remotely.

Nami Kim is an artist and web publisher based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She attempts to embrace daily sentiments in the digital interface. Thank You, Garden is published under her zine platform, User Sentimental eXperience.

Pictures care of C/O Digital.